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9 signs you're stressed — even if you think you aren't

Here are some subtle ways your body tells you that you’re stressed, which can impact you mentally and physically if your stress is not managed correctly

Short memory

Finding it hard to focus on anything or forgetting things easily is a common sign of stress

Hair loss

You are losing more hair than you're used to due to hormone imbalance

Headaches & migraines

Too much stress leads to tense muscles and new "headaches"

Itchy "stress rash"

If you're noticing red spots and itchiness, this is how your body might deal with stress by giving you itchy hives or rash

Trouble sleeping

You're either sleeping too much, or not at all because you brought your daytime anxieties or worries with you to bed

Making decisions is a challenge

Stress changes how people make decisions, such as more time needed to make simple a decision

Reduced sex drive

Higher stress level means lower sex drive. The spike in cortisol will make you desire sex lesser than usual

Appetite or weight changes

2 out of 3 people eat more under stress, while the rest eat less

Stomach digestive issues

Stress causes the stomach to produce more acid leading to heartburn. Diarrhea, or constipation is also a common sign.

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We’ll take a personalized approach to reduce your stress level using simple and effective techniques grounded in effective ancient wisdom, psychology and neuroscience

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