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Relieve Stress

If you always feel stressed out, you will have trouble to see how great your life can be. My stress relief programs are designed to help you gain clarity so that you can sleep better at night and wake up energized everyday!

Don't stress the "Could haves". If it "Should have", it "Would have"

Hi, I am Dinese

After working for years in different countries and industries I’ve made it my mission to help people understand what stress is and how we can turn stress into a good friend .

Why? Because I went through the dark side of stress and successfully came out of it and I want to help others do the same.

Because no one should have to miss out on life because their stress coping mechanism isn’t cutting it.

Are you ready for better sleep every night and a calmer mind?

Dinese Yoong

Stress Relief Therapist, HRDCorp Certified Trainer (formerly HRDF)

3 Steps to More Peace & Relaxation

With this powerful combination of clincal and holistic approach, you will be guided to make space for peace and relaxation to happen in your body in the first few sessions

Step 1: Deep Breath In

We sometimes unconsciously "forget" to breathe the right way. Gain back your healthy rythm

Step 2: Clearing Blocks & Making Space

Found yourself trapped in repeated situations again and again? You will learn to stop the pattern at this stage

Step 3: Learn to Manage

You will be able to stop self-sabotage and be more aware of your future decisions when it comes to your wellbeing

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it"

Celebrate Life

It’s time to live a happier life

What's Possible?

You have options. Explore different resources that activate different layers of your life.

Inner Peace
Live intentionally and make space for guided relaxation. Take a sip of calmness.


Learn to use your inner GPS to navigate untapped potential and reach new heights.


Say YES to new possibilities. Spice up your life with colorful cultural experiences.

Solve the Stress

If you are looking for a specific therapy or if you have any question, book a discovery call


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