E-mark approved our product range have been extensively heat tested and a robustness vibration check. Aide automotive ltd are now marketing the idea Mis Fuelling prevention product Diesel Head. Anti Freeze Windscreen System – HeatShot – has real tangible benefits for every driver, in every season. Snow, frost, insects, bird droppings, oil – Heat Shot heats and delivers washer fluid to clear all.

Each of these technicians can repair and maintain all-makes of trailer – from a routine service to specialist welding and fabrication. With NO annual software fee the Code Talk is by far the best Trailer Diagnostic Tool on the UK market. Upgrade able for future proofing the Code Talk will out last and beat any Texa or JalTest system. The hand set will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex systems. With this workshops can eliminate fault finding by reading the ECU codes to determine where the fault lies.

It was asked if the work on this could be done at the same time as the work to repair the wall that has been damaged recently by a car. The Chair reported that he has been told that Gwynedd Council said they will be repairing this in the next few months but will contact them again. He has been informed that Gwynedd Council intend to object to the planning application. The Chair clarified that these issues were only in relation to Coast Deli Dining and not Coast2Go.

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Public meeting Neuadd Dyfi Cllr Owen suggested we conduct a public meeting to update our community on matters around the village. The main problem appeared to be the lack of marshalls to police the vent from a health & safety point of view. Cllr O’Reilly had taken responsibility to organise village volunteers and she had received a positive response from the community and some of the businesses, enabling the organising of New Year’s Eve firework display to commence. Gwynedd County Council, copy to PCSO Meirion Lloyd Jones C2970, copies of which were circulated to all councillors.

No sign as yet but perhaps by the end of this week we might see a result of 5 years wait. Cllr Williams attended the recent meeting and noted that good practice regarding effective monitoring and maintenance of services such as playgrounds had been discussed, xcritical website an important issue if accidents resulting in financial claims for damages. Cllr Bradbury-Willis concurred with the Clerk and suggested that the council possibly provide a PC dedicated to the police, either in council office or at Police base in Tywyn.

Trailer Light & Electrical Tester Fitted To STT Service Van

The ATC Division has completed the key projects on the Aircraft Carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, and continues to provide additional support services. The company has received orders from Nigeria and once deposit monies have been received will be mobilising production. ATC is finalising testing of products related to the Indian Navy Aircraft Carrier project. DirectFX offers a range of tradeable instruments, including 68 forex pairs, of which 7 are majors, 21 are minors and 40 are exotic.


Its ease to operate and install onto the trailer coupling provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from unauthorised movement particularly when maintenance issues are at stake. It also provides a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft. Aide automotive offer an on-site fitting service of the CatGuard and Catalytic Serial Number Kit. With the massive increase in Catalytic Converter theft, aide automotive has made an addition to the CatGuard Alarm kit.

New Trailer Refrigeration Anti Syphon

Following the winter holiday break caravaners and camper trailers should be serviced and checked before starting out for the Easter holidays. “The customer service was outstanding with regular director visits to site and I was able to satisfy the operator and Iceland with some superb, market-leading, cost effective ASDs” say Clive. “Seeing five companies working closely together was superb and demonstrates how a collaborative approach to a significant problem can produce quick and highly effective results.”

Kwik Fit’s 2008 Annual Tyre Pressure Review found just over 46 per cent of cars tested had at least one tyre underinflated. If this ratio is applied to the number of UK registrations, a staggering 12.46 million cars could be running on the roads like this, using £1.5 billion pounds of extra fuel and creating literally thousands of extra tons of carbon emissions. That 30 per cent extra tyre wear also means that an unnecessary 108,000 tyres each year have to be manufactured and disposed of too. The AA report that every year over 100,000 motorists misfuel and that fuel problems are one of the ten most common problems dealt with by their breakdown vehicles. Furthermore Code Talk Remote interfaces with the trailers ECU, Code Talk Remote can read all ABS systems, Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex.

As well as the CatGuard Alarm we can add a unique serial number to the Catalytic Converter by virtually indestructible sticker and metal marking fluid. You can register this serial number with local police and offer insurance companies a proactive solution to this automotive problem. With a price of £29.99 the Spider Anti Siphon is a ideal cost effective purchase for a Caddy van to stop fuel theft. A Midtronics battery tester is the most up to date and cost effective and easy to use tester. The unique technology makes testing of discharged batteries possible, and once tested, a hard copy print out is available for the customer.

Hybrid Car Safe To Service Multi meter & Tools

Other councils already have bans in place regarding amplified music in public places. No re-application has been lodged and once again Council is being asked to support the project. Cllr Owen took the opportunity to say much the planting initiative has been praised by visitors scammed by xcritical to Aberdyfi and also the local community. Cllr Richards enquired about the SSSI area adjacent to the children’s playground, which he feels is suffering from an invasive plant taking over. Cllr Owen said he would raise the matter at the next Harbour meeting at the Neuadd Dyfi.

Aide automotive have introduced a new device to quickly identify fuel contamination, the Fuel Analyser. This fuel diagnostic tool assists truck manufacturers by identifying fuel impurities, demonstrating that vehicle performance issues are the consequence of the use of contaminated or poor quality fuel. The TrailerCheck product range includes portable testers and in Van solutions, TrailerCheck 4 Vans is the one man maintenance tool for a trailer service engineer.

new automotive products coming soon

Clerk has sent photos to Gwynedd Council and they are sending an inspector to look at it this week and will get back in touch once they have done costings etc. the clerk confirmed that it will hopefully be installed on the Neuadd Dyfi side of the road. The Chair reported that much of the recent meeting was taken up with discussions about local housing issues and there may be a few houses built in Pennal and Tywyn, but there is no land owned by Gwynedd Council in Aberdyfi. https://xcritical.expert/ O’Neill reported that the housing group in the village had met with Gwynedd Council and Snowdonia National Park and had asked them why the money taken from the second homes in the village etc. is not being spent in the village. They replied that if we propose projects, they will spend the money in the village. Cllr Tyrrell reported that the planters in the wharf gardens were disintegrating and it was agreed to put this on the agenda for the October meeting.

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The Clerk attended the recent Tywyn cycle route meeting at the library in Tywyn which had been very well attended, much to the surprise of the Gwynedd Council organisers. It was hoped that the initiative might have new life injected in the context of such strong public support. Cllr Bradbury-Willis noted that there was a problem on the main road out of the village with uncut growth encroaching onto the pavement, just after the bend by Nantiesin. Cllr Owen suggested that perhaps Councillors provide the Clerk with details of landowners that may be aware of who are offenders. One Voice Wales also works closely with the Wales Audit Office and has advised on the community asset transfer programme.

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