The Moment is Now. Let Go and Live Free!

Don’t let stress hold you back. Clear the path to your fullest self and wake up excited every morning!

Multilayered Experience

Experience different layers of calm & peace

Stronger Together

Guided towards achieving your desired outcome

Ancient & Modern Techniques

Practising wisdom from the past and present

You Have Arrived, Take a Deep Breath In…

2 in 5 adults experience stress in life, stress causes severe health consequences and prevents people from living fully. With a transformative experience just for you, get a taste of what’s possible when we release control and allow happiness to unfold.

What's Possible?

You have options. Explore different resources that activate different layers of your life.

Inner Peace

Live intentionally and make space for guided relaxation. Take a sip of calmness.


Learn to use your inner GPS to navigate untapped potential and reach new heights.


Say YES to new possibilities. Spice up your life with colorful cultural experiences.

The Dinese Experience

Every session is customized to guide you to:


Live lighter, sleep better. Get more quality time for yourself.


Gain more clarity & motivation. Be completely you.


Release limiting beliefs to see new opportunities easily.


You deserve the best, start living your highest truth & make a difference

Your Healing Garden

Resources from various healing traditions around the world. Pick one or more that nourishes you.

tea session stress relief
Private Session

Book a private session & take a sip of calmness together with me.
Yes, a cup of tea is required.


Join my current and upcoming virtual and in-person events throughout the year

corporate programs for relaxation stress relief
Corporate Programs

Transformative workshop for corporate employees. Cope better with stress in the workplace.

nano learning for stress

Learn bite-size information for better health

relaxing lavender
Self-Care Kits & Tools

Get nourishing self-care kits designed for your “me time”


Travel the world, change lives, and learn local artisanal wisdom

How The Dinese Experience Helped Them

This experience has been diligently developed, carefully crafted, and rigorously reiterated over the years to relieve stress and increase productivity. This platform would not exist if it weren’t for them and your (soon-to-be) incredible support!

Mia Leow Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dinese has her creative way to lead you to relax after a long day. Her form of therapy is very engaging and innovative. I’d recommend you to go for the retreat program. It is like a mini-holiday for your brain and will definitely benefit you.

Sheela D. Lecturer

My experience with Dinese has brought about many positive changes in my life. Dinese helped me to achieve my goals in having a more relaxed and happier lifestyle. Her approach is practical and intelligent. She is experienced and showed a calm and caring nature. Call Dinese if you want to make a change for the better in your life.

Hui Ying TCM Practitioner

Dinese gave me and a few friends really powerful sessions on abundance and self-worth. It was definitely mind-blowing and life-transforming. It truly supported my journey to live like a goddess, basking in self-love, radiating a glow of true joy and inner peace who is advocating for wellness. For a few months after our session, I literally felt like a goddess walking on earth, loving who I am inside and out, seeing the divine beauty in everyone I meet including myself, and I shed tears wondering why I never loved myself that much throughout my 32 years of existence. It really supported my work in healing past toxic dating patterns, embarking on my new career and education in acupuncture and much more. I also learned to let go of many limiting beliefs around money and my reluctance to spend on experiences that are truly pampering and nourishing for me. I am now ready to steward the abundant resources that the universe sends me for making the world a much better place while loving every moment of the journey! She is truly a remarkable therapist and I highly recommend her work.

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